Leo Baggerly









Leo's formal entry into being called a storyteller came after a long career as a physics professor and scientist working on radioactivity, Xrays and radio propagation. However, when he told his daughter he was going to be a 'storyteller', her response was 'so, what's new?' Leo even enamoured his physics students with his story-methods and won the Alphi Chi Professor of the Year award at Texas Christian University! His depth of knowledge and curiosity of life have led him into storytelling in several venues for both young and old: Nature Stories from his activities as a docent; Elementary School (3rd grade and up) with experiences both from science and working with the Outrageous Sages, a local intergenerational outreach group in San Diego. Peace & Joy stories are put on all over the world either singly or with a companion group of storytellers whose focus is providing creative and joyful means of living together. Leo's Wonder stories are a combination of mythical folklore and the joys of discovery in the physical world.

Leo tells stories with the Storytellers of San Diego, with Senior Stages Academy of San Diego and with Outrageous Sages (a group of seniors who entertain in local elementary schools). He also spins nature yarns as a docent at the Torrey Pines State Reserve (in La Jolla) and at San Elijo Lagoon (between Cardiff and Solana Beach). He has contributed stories on the green at Once Upon a Story Festivals (in San Juan Capistrano), the Flying Leap Festival (in Solvang) and on the Square at the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesboro, TN. He recently helped to organize the first Tellebration held in Costa Rica and has just returned from a Cultural Exchange trip to the Storytelling Village of Geng Cun, China. He puts together special programs for many different kinds of groups and events all around the world! (see below)

For many years, Leo told stories about electromagnetic waves, how they came about, and how they coursed through the ether - but his colleagues called it professing physics. Then he told stories about how to communicate with ballistic missiles, but his boss called that 'briefing the customer'. Now he talks to children at the local library, elementary schools and to all ages in the State Parks and they call that telling stories!