Leo Baggerly









Leo puts special programs together for many different kinds of groups and events

Scout Troops-parents and children
Everybody Needs a Rock
Dogs Tails

Elementary School Programs
The elementary programs are for students 3rd grade and up and can be in single classrooms or assembly programs. Some of the student's favorite stories have been:

Raja, Rooster and the Ruby Button
Poems from Shel Silverstein
Pushcart Peddlar from Escondido

ICL (Institute for Continued Learning, UCSD), adults
The ICL programs are held at UCSD with the members of the ICL The program in January will include both Martha Holloway and Leo and will include such stories as:

Three Riddles
Book Lice
A Perfect Match (a tale from China)

Nature Stories-all ages
The Nature Stories are often told to elementary schools on hikes through the San Diego Lagoons but are also popular in the elementary school classrooms. Some of the favorites in this group include:

Artemis Discovers Artemesia
Ankhmed and the Marshmallow
the Great Blue Heron

Folklore/Ageless Myths-all ages
Leo draws on a very extensive set of stories from Aesop to Carl Sandburg, from San Diego to Sri Lanka. The richest vein in this treasure trove is in your local library, in section 398.2xxx.

Peace & Joy Festivals-all ages
These festivals are being held all across the United States to celebrate our natural heritage of human lives and rekindling hope.