Cornucopia Storytelling Hour
North Hollywood, CA
January 13, 2008
Driving Miss Daisy
UCSD La Jolla, CA
February 13, 2008
Community & Joy Storytelling Festivals
“It’s like an ‘old-time’ social! Something for everyone and you can
do it all together!”

Plan an event for your group at your
school, library, church or local YMCA

Create an afternoon or evening of community fun; get to know someone new, experience the joy and fun of peace!

Master teller Leo Baggerly (yarnspin) from San Diego
and his wife, Carole, are in a traveling mode! If you’d like to have
an event in your location that is for all ages (5 & up) and has joyful stories,
non-competitive games and fun for all, just decide
when & where you want to do the program
the length of the program (1 or 2 hours)
Then, contact Carole Baggerly,
619-823-7062 to set up the schedule.



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